Date:December 30, 2013

Kitchen renovation including bi-fold doors

This involved moving the existing kitchen units towards the middle of the house. This enabled the wall facing the garden to be removed and replaced with bi-fold doors. This not only captured the best of the south facing sun but also allows the kitchen to connect with the garden.

Ken O'Brien Carpentry, Building, Roofing - Bi-fold doors open

Bi-fold doors open

These photos show before and after from the same spot.
The ceiling in part of the kitchen was also also raised in order to get as much light as possible into the central kitchen area. When the doors are opened back the full of the garden can be viewed. The sense of light and space is a joy.

The doors used were double glazed A rated units. All exterior walls were fitted with an insulated plasterboard. The ceiling was well insulated between the rafters and then had an insulated board fitted below to help eliminate the effects of cold bridging.
The roofspace was fitted with an airtight membrane and the doors are sealed to the walls with Airstop tape. The doors become part of the wall and there are no draughts. Cold air is kept out and warm air is retained.

The new kitchen complete with custom built extractor hood, granite counter tops and high gloss finished cabinets.

The original spot where the
new kitchen now sits